Invented a revolutionary way to charge the batteries of electric cars in 10 minutes

Researchers from the University of Pennsylvania have discovered a way to fast charge lithium batteries electric cars in 10 minutes. Such a charge is enough to overcome 320-480 kilometers.

Scientists claim that the introduction of technology does not require any changes in the design of batteries, according to Cell.

This 10-minute charge – the trend of the future. It is necessary to introduce electric cars as the technology solves the problem with the fear of lack of charge to get to the destination,
– said Professor Chao-Yang Wang.

For quick charge of battery for a short period of time to give him a large amount of energy, and this leads to deposition of lithium on the electrode of the battery and subsequent rapid degradation.

New technology

The researchers found that if you charge the battery at a high temperature, about 60 degrees Celsius and then quickly cooling it, the charging can be performed without the deposition of lithium and a high capacity.

To create the right conditions, the team have built a Nickel foil in a lithium battery cell as a heating element. Scientists were able to quickly charge the battery of 2500 times, losing 8.3% of the original capacity, which is considered a good result (the target of the U.S. Department of energy – 500 cycles of charging losses are 20% of capacity).

Scientists have demonstrated a real technology quick charge batteries of electric cars, which does not lead to their degradation. Manufacturers only need to take the results of research work and implement this method of charging at stations.

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