Investigation: the Beneficiary of the T. B. Fruit Bardowski through the courts avoids the repayment of loans of 6 billion hryvnia

Расследование: Бенефициар T.B.Fruit Барщовский через суды избегает возврата кредитов на 6 миллиардов гривен

Company “Yablunevyi Gift” and “Tank TRANS”, belonging to Taras Varshavskomu, with judges trying to avoid the return of Bank loans that took almost 10 years ago. This conclusion follows from the investigation of the newspaper “Judicial reporter”, writes “UNIAN”. With interest, the amount of claims of these companies is more than UAH 6 billion.

In 2011-2013 the company “Yablunevyi Gift” and “Tank TRANS” took credit “Delta Bank” tens of millions of euros. In early 2015, the company entered into with certain clients of the Bank agreement of setting off homogeneous counterclaims and agreed to the netting. Among these customers, for example Cargill which owned 30% of shares of “Delta Bank” and LLC “Investkom” related company “Foxtrot”. All of the company Mordovskogo conducted such operations in the amount of over 100 million euros.

In March 2015, the NBU took “Delta Bank” insolvent, in particular because of the payment of money, borrowers. But “Yablunevyi Gift” and “Tank TRANS”, referring to the settlement of counter-claims, filed in court to terminate liens and mortgages. And, contrary to any logic, Lviv courts to satisfy them.

“Yablunevyi Gift” was trying to take out of pledge of the intellectual property rights to the trademark Galicia, which was estimated at 49.5 million. Judges of Economic court of the Lviv region and the Board of appeal took the side of the company, despite the presence of arrears, penalties and accrued interest on the loan. In January 2016, the Supreme economic court overturned the previous decision. Similarly, in the local courts, the creditor lost and invalidate transaction on the offset of counter homogeneous requirements.

In General, as at the end of 2019, the amount of the Bank’s claims to the “Apple Gift” and “Tank TRANS” has exceeded 6 billion UAH. “The return of the money just would not be superfluous. Because “Delta Bank” should the state of UAH 4 bn of the loan refinancing. However, the state after years of court battles decided not to compete for the money,” writes “a Court reporter”.

In 2019, the magazine “New time” included Taras Mordovskogo 100 richest people of Ukraine. The businessman took the 60-th position, its assets were valued at $105 million

Расследование: Бенефициар T.B.Fruit Барщовский через суды избегает возврата кредитов на 6 миллиардов гривен