Investigators of the state Department arrived at the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine: what you need to know

Следователи Госдепа прибыли в посольство США в Украине: что нужно знать

Investigators of the U.S. state Department interviewed hundreds of diplomats and employees of the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine. Interviews were conducted in the investigation of alleged surveillance of former Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch associates Rudolph Giuliani.

The interviews were conducted on 22 and 23 January, the employees of the diplomatic security Service (DSS), the Department of law enforcement and security, Department of state, according to BuzzFeed News, citing its sources.

One of the sources said that DSS coordinates its actions with the Ukrainian government, which started its own investigation into the matter on January 16.

At the moment, the U.S. Embassy declined to comment. The interior Ministry also did not comment the situation. However, previously there have stated that it will ask the US authorities to cooperate.

The publication notes that one of the sources called the investigation “cynical” and designed to “cover the ass” by Secretary Mike Pompeo on the eve of a scheduled visit to Kyiv on 30 and 31 January.

Interestingly, according to sources, all diplomats and Embassy staff were openly told not to speak to the press on this subject. In addition, according to the newspaper, the U.S. Embassy staff were frightened by the unexpected appearance of investigators.

There is no exact information about how many of the Embassy staff interviewed. The Embassy employs over 300 people, including diplomats and local staff.

Possible shadowing Marie L. Yovanovitch: what is known

  • The U.S. house of representatives released new documents proving the fact of surveillance and threats in the direction of the former Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch. This document from the Lion of Parnassus associate of Donald trump and Rudy Giuliani.
  • In response to these accusations, U.S. Secretary of state Mike Pompeo said that knows nothing about it. He believes that they may be wrong, but promised to investigate the matter.

If the allegations are true, it will be important to investigate the impeachment of Donald trump. The American President accused of abuse of presidential power, put pressure on Ukraine to investigate the activities of his rival Joe Biden.

  • At the same time, national police of Ukraine opened a case on possible violation of the secrecy of telephone conversations and illegal collection of confidential information by former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine, Marie Yovanovitch.