Involved in the case won a tender for 600 million

Фигуранты уголовного дела выиграли тендер на 600 миллионов

14 Feb road Service in Cherkasy region announced the intention to conclude with “SHRBU-48” the contract on repair of the road Kyiv-Odessa cost 618,9 million.

Road service in Cherkasy region held a tender for the current average repair of public roads of the state value of M-05 Kyiv-Odesa on section km 143+028 – km 152+918, which lies in the Cherkasy region.

Service must be provided &8203;&8203;in 2019. The contractor is building the roadbed, sidewalks, curbs, fencing, pours over and clears the cell. The terms of reference provided for the expansion of the roadway. In addition, the contractor repairs the car-pavilions, arranges two roadside toilet, sets stops, causing road marking plastic and tape, 250 sets of road signs.

OOO “SHRBU-48” spelled out in Uman. Its Director is listed Ruslan Lip. The main beneficiary of the companies (90%) is Bakhtiyar Sapaev, 5% have Matkaluk Igor and Ruslan Lip. Vadalouca, Sapaev and Lip unites JSC “Umanavtodor,” which was left unfinished bridge in Zaporozhye and currently appears in the number of criminal proceedings. Matkaluk worked as a chief engineer, the Lip was the Chairman of the Board, and Sapaev – one of the owners.

Sapaev sold its controlling stake in “Umanavtodor” in September of 2017, and in October, together with the Lip was among the founders of the “SRBO-48”, which at that time was the head of Vodalus. Since then, began a large tender win in the enterprise.

From 2017, OOO “SHRBU-48” won road tenders for 1.2 billion UAH.

In 2005-2010 Sapaev was the head of the road Service in Cherkasy region, and in 2010 was the Director of the DC “motor roads of Ukraine”.

Forbes in his investigation tied him with Vladimir Demishkan – friend of Viktor Yanukovych and the long head of the Service roads.

In its tender proposal, OOO “SHRBU-48” indicates that will rent equipment from other Umansky companies owned by Sapaeva – OOO “Avangard”. According to the Kyiv Prosecutor’s office, “SHRBU-48” and “avant-garde” together with “Umanavtodor” accountable for tax with a single IP address.

Since November 2017 Prosecutor’s office is investigating a criminal scheme involving “Umanavtodor” and “Avant-garde”. The pretrial investigation established that the total amount of funds that were withdrawn in cash and has the actual leaders of the “Umanavtodor” for 2016-2017 Is 117 million &8203;&8203;UAH. All these funds come at the expense of companies from the service roads in Kiev, Zaporozhye, Volyn and Poltava regions. As part of the investigation in June last year, the court arrested the Bank account of “Umanavtodor”, and in August was arrested the account of OOO “Avangard”.

In addition, police are investigating repairs “SHRBU-48” on the local road Oradivka – Khrystynivka-Zhashkiv-Korsun-Shevchenkovsky-War-Sarny at the state Dorset-02-02 Mohyliv-Podilskyi – Yampil – Bershad – Uman because of the possible overestimate of amounts of executed works.