iPad led to the death: the American company is suing Apple

iPad привел к смерти: американская компания судится с Apple

In the U.S. the company together with insurance filed a lawsuit against Apple. The plaintiffs believe that the iPad caused the fire, which killed a tenant of the building.

Writes Apple Insider, the tragedy occurred in new Jersey February 22, 2017. The fire was allegedly caused by lithium battery the iPad.

The details of the scandal. Plaintiffs, Union Management and its affiliated insurance company Greater New York Mutual Insurance Company, filed on 20 June 2017 in the U.S. district court for the district of new Jersey.

“The tablet was dangerous to use for its intended purpose because of defects in design and/or manufacture, as well as the lack of adequate warnings,” the complaint States.

Therefore, the plaintiffs demand compensation – a refund of all funds paid by the insurance company due to fire, including the deductible, litigation costs and related interest.

In addition, in February this year the son and daughter of the deceased also filed a lawsuit against Apple accusing the battery of the iPad.

The publication adds that the fires in lithium cell batteries really often happen, but the Apple device with such a deficiency are rare. But these situations are inevitable, given the huge number of Apple gadgets.

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