iPhone 12: new data on the appearance of new

iPhone 12: появились новые данные о внешнем виде новинки

iPhone 12: появились новые данные о внешнем виде новинки

Although the official date of the presentation of the iPhone 12 is still not announced, but the network appears more and more data about the future novelty. In particular, the new image allows you to learn new information about the design of the iPhone 12.

Reports Wccftech.com flat will have not only the edges of the body but also the screen. On Twitter-page Lab Apple said that all iPhone get 12 “on 100% flat screens.”

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According to the source, the manufacturer will waive the 2.5 D glass. Therefore, the design of the novelties will resemble the iPad Pro (2020). A side face of the apparatus, made of aluminum, will also be flat.


The manufacturer hopes that a return to the corporate design of the iPhone 4 will improve the user experience – due to the absence of curvature, the apparatus will not slip from your hand.

It is known that the appearance of the iPhone 4 users consider to be the most successful in Apple’s history.

In addition, according to sources, flat panel displays can reduce the price of smartphones.

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Traditional Apple will introduce their new products in September. However, due to the pandemic coronavirus presentation unable to move, because the company simply physically will not have time to make new items. However, some experts assume that the new item will show at the beginning of autumn, but sales of smartphones will be updated later.

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