iPhone 12 will get rid of charge complete: what is the reason

iPhone 12 избавится от зарядки в комплекте: какова причина

iPhone 12 избавится от зарядки в комплекте: какова причина

There are a lot of rumors that included a new line of smartphones iPhone 12 will not be headphones. Now a popular analyst Ming-Chi Kio said that the future novelty will lose complete yet and the charger.

According to experts, this year Apple will add to the kit just a charging cable, reports macrumors.com.

But what about the power supply

It will have to be purchased separately. It would be a bit more powerful – 20W. Now, as you know, smartphones line iPhone 11 Pro come with power 18 watts.

The reason

As explained by Ming-Chi Kio, to such step the company uses for the sake of economy. So the manufacturer can recoup their costs of integration in the new iPhone module 5G network.

At the same time, another analyst, John Fingas suggested that this decision may be linked to a more noble purpose, so it will be more environmentally friendly. Because a large number of users do not use the charger that comes with a new smart phone (this is indicated by studies). Moreover, some of them not even taking the device out of the box. They just used the charger from the old phone.

In addition, the popularity of wireless charging is also growing. There are some users who charge the smartphone in the car, from PC including.

Add that Ming Chi-Kio is known for his accurate predictions about future iPhone models.

When the announcement

Still no exact information. Traditionally, the new flagship line the company manufactures in September. However, this year due to the coronavirus presentation is likely to take. Perhaps the announcement will take place in October or even in November.

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