iPhone 6 exploded in the hands of a child: what they say in the Apple

iPhone 6 взорвался в руках ребенка: что говорят в Apple

Apple again caught in a scandal with the fire of your device. After the company withdrew the model MacBook Pro 2015 a sample due to risk of fire, dangerous was and iPhone.

As Digital Trends reports, the incident occurred with the iPhone 6. This smartphone exploded in the hands of 11-year-old girl Kylie Ramos in California.

The child suffered partial burns to the body. This happened when the girl was in the bedroom. She used her iPhone 6, and suddenly it started to go sparks. And then it burns a hole. In the hands of a child was a small burns.

What they say in the Apple. The cause of the explosion of the smartphone until I found out. Experts called Apple a few factors that can cause a fire. Among them is external damage, a makeshift repair and the use of unauthorized accessories, especially chargers that can overheat and provoke heating of the internal components of the smartphone.

Why withdrew the MacBook Pro? On 20 June, Apple announced that their MacBook Pro, which were collected in 2015, can catch fire due to overheating of the battery. As explained in the Apple, these laptops should not be used until, until the company will release a replacement battery. Consequently, all models removed from sale and recalled.

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