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iPhone X загорівся під час зарядки - Техно 24

Users of the service Reddit actively discussing the case of ignition of the Apple smartphone, which was connected to the original charger.

This writes ilenta.com.

As told by the owner of the iPhone X, which suffered from the fire, she connected the phone to the original charger and left it on the bed for the night. And in the night she awoke to the fact that the device caught fire.

Suffered both the device and the bed. From the fire the room was beginning to fill with smoke.

However, other Reddit users believe that it happened not because the battery is overheated, and therefore, because the battery is located in the upper part of the body, and damage has undergone the body from the bottom. Probably the cause of the fire was electrical due to the strong bending of the cable.

iPhone X загорівся під час зарядки - Техно 24

They’ve even hit the bed

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