iPhone XI lit up in the video known technologer

iPhone XI засветился в видео известного техноблогера

Several popular videoblogger, including Marcus Brownlee YouTube channel, MKBHD, has posted a video demonstration of the future iPhone clone XI. However, the known technologer Lewis Hilsenteger – author of YouTube channel Unbox Therapy showed the most accurate model yet to be announced iPhone XI.

According to the blogger, the layout better shows the design of the future iPhone XI than the clones that are scattered around the world.

Key differences. One of the main differences is the design of the main chamber. On the device the Lewis square module has a more smooth shape and sticks out from the body is noticeably smaller. Each of the three chambers is closed with a round glass, as previously shown by insider OnLeaks.

Another feature of iPhone XI should be changed the lever silent mode. It will be like the same as in the iPad – round and will move along the boundary and perpendicular to it. In addition, the power button and a slot for SIM card will have a little lower than the iPhone Xs.

Will look like iPhone XI – watch videos

Blogger does not exclude that the final version of iPhone XI may differ slightly from this layout, but overall, he says, that this design should be prepared for Apple fanboys.

Date of the presentation. According to tradition, the presentation of the new iPhone is expected in early September. Then the same will be available a new version of the operating system iOS 13.

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