iPhone Xr 2 will receive a new palette of colors: fotodokazatelstvo

iPhone Xr 2 получит новую палитру цветов: фотодоказательство

We have already received a lot of information about what Apple will introduce in the autumn a new version of the iPhone Xr . In 2018 he became the budget smartphone, which was presented by the company.

Well-known journalist mark Gurman intrigued by the images of flowers that will receive the new iPhone Xr 2.

It is interesting that in the photo we see the broken glass. But the journalist shows that this color scheme will get a new smartphone.

Images look a little pale. This confirms the information that the company plans to adjust the color palette of the new iPhone Xr, making them more pastel, instead of saturated colors.

What colors will the iPhone get Xr 2. According to the journalist, the new smartphones will get black, white, pastel yellow, green and turquoise. The last two will replace the blue and coral that we saw in 2018.

What else is known. iPhone Xr 2 should have a dual main camera, which is located in one unit with LED flash. The resolution of the modules is around 12 MP. The second will function as a telephoto lens with a 2 x optical zoom.

The smartphone will be equipped with IPS-display with a diagonal of 6.1 inches. It should work on the new chipset Apple A13 Bionic, built for 7-nanometer process technology.

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