Iran: cause of the disaster “Boeing” – a wrong setup of the radar

Иран: причина катастрофы "Боинга" - неправильная настройка РЛС

Iranian authorities released a report on the results of the investigation into the crash of Ukrainian passenger plane shot down by two missiles shortly after takeoff from Tehran. The tragedy occurred on 8 January 2020. On Board the flight 752 “Ukrainian airlines” were 176 people – they all died.

Iranian investigators believe that the cause of the accident was a wrong setup of the radar station (radar), which gave the wrong signal to operators of air defense. The operators, according to the report, has not requested the command of the defense of consent to the missile launch.

The British newspaper “the guardian” notes that the first reaction in Tehran on the death of the liner was a statement that the crash cited “technical problems” on Board the aircraft. However, after a few days the Iranian authorities have recognized that their combat missile accidentally shot down the plane.

In a report published by the civil aviation authority of Iran said that the operators of air defense systems in the vicinity of Tehran, have not had time to reconfigure equipment. That morning the troops were in a state of “high anxiety” – it was announced a few hours earlier in connection with the threat to the United States to strike back at Iran for the attack on the us base in neighbouring Iraq.

In the publication “the guardian” outlining the Iranian ofitsialny report, along with technical details of the incident, it is noted that the crew followed the prescribed Protocol of departure from Tehran airport and adhere to the approved route when it was shot down.

The flight data recorders of the Ukrainian aircraft are still in the hands of Iranian experts, despite the lack of equipment to decode the flight data. 20 July, as expected, was found at the crash site and black boxes will be transferred to France for decoding, said the Iranian news Agency IRNA.

The victims of the plane crash on 8 January 2020 and tens Iranian citizens of Canada and citizens of Ukraine, United Kingdom, Afghanistan and Germany.