Iran intends to transfer the “black boxes” of downed aircraft MAU in France

Иран намерен передать "черные ящики" сбитого самолета МАУ во Францию

Iran announced about the delay in response of the Ukrainian side.

The flight data recorders of the aircraft of Ukrainian airlines UIA, which was hit by an Iranian missile on 8 January, Iran intends to send to France.

The authorities explain the decision delay of the response from the Ukrainian side regarding the fate of the flight recorders.

“In response to the delay, the Iranian authorities decided to send the black box of the plane to another country (possibly France)”, – stated in the message.

Earlier, Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs Yevgeny Yenin said that Ukraine may submit to the international court of justice if talks with Tehran over the downed plane will be futile.

We will remind that the passenger plane Boeing 737-800 of UIA, which was to perform flight PS752 on the route Tehran-Kiev crashed near the international airport of Imam Khomeini in Tehran immediately after takeoff on the morning of 8 January. On Board were 167 passengers and nine crew members. They all died.

Three days after the disaster of Iran have acknowledged that the plane was shot down by mistake, thinking it was a cruise missile. The responsibility for the crash of an airliner took on the Iranian military unit, the Islamic revolutionary guard Corps.

In January, the head of incident investigation civil aviation Organization of Iran Hassan Rezaeifar confirmed that the “black boxes” from the downed Ukrainian aircraft will pass in Kiev.

Later, however, Iranian authorities stated that Iran can transfer the “black boxes” of downed aircraft UIA Ukraine or another state, if you will not be able to decrypt it.

Member countries of the international coordination group for the investigation of the crash of a Ukrainian plane near Tehran insisted that Iran handed over the flight recorders to France, because there is the necessary equipment for research.

The Minister of foreign Affairs of Iran said that Iran will not proceed with the decoding of “black boxes” Boeing 737-800 “Ukraine International airlines”, but also to transmit it to the governments of other countries will not.

In April, Iranian MP, member of the Commission on legislation and justice of the Parliament Hassan Norouzi said that the shooting down of a Ukrainian passenger plane MAU under Tehran no one was arrested, contrary to official statements of the authorities of the country.

In addition, the shooting down of the civilian airliner military he called “good duties”.