Iran is trying to circumvent the oil embargo the United States through gray market

Иран пытается обойти нефтяное эмбарго США с помощью серого рынка

Iran has mobilized all resources to sell their oil on the “gray market” in circumvention of U.S. sanctions. “This is not smuggling. This opposition to sanctions, which we do not consider it fair or lawful”, – transfers words of the Deputy Minister of petroleum of the Islamic Republic Hossein Amir Zamaninia Iranian news Agency IRNA on Sunday 5 may.

In may 2018, the United States withdrew from signed in 2015 nuclear agreement with Iran. This document is provided for the implementation by Tehran of a number of steps to limit its nuclear program in exchange for lifting sanctions.

5 November, Washington renewed sanctions on Iran, demanding from the allies to stop buying Iranian oil under the threat of punitive measures for companies and buyers. However, the United States has done for eight countries, the exceptions that expired after 180 days, may 2. In this list were India, China, Taiwan, Turkey, South Korea, Japan, and two member States of the European Union, Greece and Italy, says DW.

The European Union expressed concern about the final entry into force of the restrictive measures of the United States. According to the EU Commissioner for climate change, Miguel arias Cañete, the embargo on oil imports from the Islamic Republic threatens the conservation agreement with Tehran on the nuclear program.

In turn, the head of the Turkish foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu urged the U.S. to reconsider the decision to renew the sanctions. Turkey cannot in such a short time to find alternative sources of oil supply, said the Minister.

Before the expiration of the exception in the White house emphasized that the administration of U.S. President Donald trump and its allies are determined “to maintain and expand the economic pressure” on Iran. Later, the Minister of energy of the United States Rick Perry defended the sanctions Washington putting to link Tehran with terrorist organizations and the absence in the Islamic Republic of legal state.