Iran on the cause of the accident MAU: a failure in the defense system

Иран о причине катастрофы МАУ: Сбой в системе ПВО

An improperly configured air defense system has led to incorrect identification of the Ukrainian airliner shot down by Tehran, said Iran.

The complex of air defense, which shot down the plane Ukraine International airlines in Iran, was disturbed settings, as earlier it was moved. It is stated in the report of the civil aviation Organization of Iran, published on Saturday, July 11.

“One of the defense systems, Tehran has been moved. This has led to a change in its geographic position and direction”, – stated in the message.

It is noted that due to an outstanding migration passenger plane was mistakenly identified by the system as moving in the direction of Tehran. However, the MAU flew from Iran’s capital, and not Vice versa.