Iran said that an airstrike on a base in Iraq caused by the IDF air force UAV

В Иране заявили, что авиаудар по базе в Ираке нанесен беспилотником ВВС ЦАХАЛа

The Iranian military said that the attack on the base of the Pro-Iranian Shiite militias, “al-Hashd al-SHAABI” in the East of the Iraqi province of Salah al-DIN is Israel. This was written by the Kuwaiti newspaper “al-Jarida” referring to a source in Iran’s elite military unit, the “Revolutionary guard”. The publication notes that the source has a high military rank and is responsible for the operations departments, “Revolutionary guard” abroad.

Officer “Revolutionary guards” said that the strike was Israeli unmanned vehicle that was launched from American military bases located in the “Syrian-Iranian-Jordanian triangle.” He also confirmed the information previously reported by the Arab and Israeli media that the target of the airstrike was a warehouse of missiles short and medium range.

Officer of the “Revolutionary guards” said that the conclusion about the involvement of Israel has been made based on the type of missiles that were used to strike at the warehouse, these were the same missiles used by the Israeli air force to strike targets in Syria.

The impact on the basis of the Pro-Iranian militia underwent an airstrike on Friday, July 19. According to TV channel “al Arabiya”, on the basis of were ballistic missiles Iranian-made, some time ago brought from Iran by truck intended for transportation of frozen products. According to the information of the channel, in the camp were the fighters of Hizbullah and the Iranian military advisors from the Islamic revolutionary guard Corps, and was located warehouse with Iranian missiles.

Information about the impact of air strikes is controversial. Iraqi sources reported that it caused significant damage, there are victims. “Al-Arabiya” broadcast that was one person killed, two more were wounded. Earlier the same TV channel reported the death of several soldiers of the “Forces of al-Quds” Iran “the Islamic revolutionary guard Corps” and at least two militants “Hezbollah” (perhaps militant Iraqi group “Kataib Hezbollah” and not the Lebanese “Hezbollah”).

A few hours after the airstrike, the Pentagon has stated that he is not involved, said

Israeli website Walla said that a few months ago senior officials in Jerusalem warned of the transfer of Iranian ballistic missiles into Iraq, it was about missiles that can threaten Israel. The publication said that Israel had recently sent messages to the US authorities and several European countries that Iran is seeking to develop Iraq’s own military bases and to establish there the production of high-precision long-range missiles, which can later be used against Israel and against the Western coalition forces in the middle East.

Foreign media attack on “Iranian base” in Iraq associated with the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, who on July 9 at the air base Nevatim told against the background of the fifth generation fighter F-35 “Adir”: “recently, Iran has threatened to destroy Israel. But he should remember that these planes can reach any point in the middle East, including Iran and of course Syria.” In some publications referred to the recent exercises in the course which worked out the action at large distances (similar to distance to Tehran) with the participation of the F-35.

Has repeatedly spoken about the possible involvement of the IDF strikes on targets in Syria is not only in the South, West and center, but on the East of the country, near the border with Iraq. For example, in June 2018 was caused by an airstrike base in Eastern Syria, near the border with Iraq, which have killed dozens of militants of the Shiite militias and Syrian army soldiers. Damascus then was blamed for the attack on the US and the Western coalition, but the Pentagon declared innocence to the attack. At the same time, a source in Washington said that the attack was carried out by the Israeli air force. In may 2018, the official Damascus had accused Israel of air strikes on the airbase khamdan in Eastern Syria, near the border with Iraq.