Iran will continue to export oil under all conditions

Иран продолжит экспорт нефти при любых условиях

The Iranian foreign Minister called on Britain to put an end to the illegal seizure of the tanker Grace 1.

The Iranian foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said Tehran intends to export crude oil under any circumstances. This is stated in the statement of the Iranian foreign Ministry, published on July 13.

As stated in the document, during a telephone conversation with Minister of foreign Affairs of great Britain, Jeremy hunt, Zarif pointed out that “the Islamic Republic of Iran will continue to export oil under any circumstances”.

In addition, during the meeting with his British counterpart, Zarif said “the illegality of the oil the US sanctions” imposed on Tehran.

Also, the Ministers discussed the arrest in the waters of the Strait of Grace 1 supertanker, which was carrying Iranian crude oil to the plant, located in Syria.

For this reason, Zarif said that the EU, which is constantly opposed secondary sanctions, the United States cannot take such action. He urged the British government to take immediate measures to put an end to the “illegal seizure of the Iranian tanker”.

Previously, hunt was named the conversation with Zarif as “constructive” and during the conversation assured his Iranian counterpart that after due process in the courts of Gibraltar Britain “would release (tanker), if it received assurances that he will not go to Syria”.

The foreign Ministry of Iran the incident with the tanker called illegal.