Iran will soon give France’s “black boxes” of downed aircraft MAU – Trudeau

Иран вскоре передаст Франции "черные ящики" сбитого самолета МАУ, - Трюдо

Canadian Prime Minister promises to put pressure on Iranian authorities

The Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau has said that Iran is preparing the transfer of France “black boxes” of the downed plane of the Ukrainian aircraft “Ukraine International airlines”. This, he said, will be held in the near future.

Trudeau confirmed that the delay was caused by restrictive measures because of a pandemic COVID-19.

“The black boxes have to be delivered to France in the near future,” he said.

According to the canadian premra, the pressure on Iran to retrieve the results of the catastrophe and justice will continue.

“We’re going to continue to put pressure on the Iranian regime together with our foreign partners to get answers to get justice, to get compensation for the families,” added Trudeau.

Plane crash of the Ukrainian UIA occurred on the morning of January 8, upon departure from Tehran airport. A passenger plane was shot down by a missile fired by the Iranian military. As a result of the tragedy killed 176 people.

Earlier, the Iranian government declared that the pandemic has slowed down plans to transfer abroad, “black boxes” of downed aircraft.

RBC-Ukraine wrote that Tehran still has not assumed, international responsibility for the disaster.

Иран вскоре передаст Франции "черные ящики" сбитого самолета МАУ, - Трюдо

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