Iranian tankers supplying oil to China and other countries to bypass the US sanctions – media

Иранские танкеры поставляют нефть Китаю и другим странам в обход санкций США - СМИ

The economic sanctions that the US imposed against Iran, not actually prevent Tehran continue to sell their oil and deliver it to Asia and the Mediterranean.

This is stated in the investigation by The New York Times.

The journal was proanalizirovano routes more than 70 Iranian tankers from the 2nd of may, when U.S. sanctions took effect. To do this, the NYT used the MarineTraffic services and Refinitiv, as well as satellite imagery company Planet Labs.

As it turned out, a minimum of 12 Iranian tankers brought oil to foreign countries, while six of them came to the ports of China, and the rest passed the Suez canal and could have put oil in Turkey or Syria.


2 may began to act unilateral restrictive measures of the United States, prohibiting foreign countries doing business with Iran, in particular, to buy his oil.

In April, the administration trump announced his decision not to renew the exception of the oil sanctions against Iran in a number of countries – China, India, Japan, South Korea, Turkey, etc.

This decision was aimed to reduce to zero the export deliveries of oil products from Iran.