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Ірина Подоляк: Політична

Offer once again to approach the question of the state language without any strain, because very much want to help all of us at the same time to include the brain, not the TV. For this offer in simple words some of the most popular fables and their interpretation.

Manipulation 1. The question of the state language is not a priority for Ukrainian citizens

If the language is not a priority, why is so much attention paid to this issue on the political show on private television channels, with the participation of former “regionals” on one side and regular on the other provocateurs? This is the only “not a priority” issue, which artificially given such resonance to not only make the law.

Manipulation 2. The question of the state language divides society

Society split policy who don’t want legal regulation: one, because the idea of “Russian world”, others – because after the adoption of the law will disappear completely the subject for self-display, therefore these politicians make the Ukrainian language the “core conflict”.

But, the question of the state language unites in criticism of the bill on the state language 5670-d “regionals” and ultra-nationalists.

Manipulation 3. The law on the state language is not needed – everything is resolved in the Constitution

The Constitution contains General norms. If they do not register in a separate law, then such rules are declarative and are not implemented, and confirms that the bloodless state of the Ukrainian language in our time. According to this perverse logic did not have the Law on citizenship, because the provision is already there in the Constitution, would not have the Civil code as the right of property in it is also fixed.

Manipulation 4. Link “defenders” of the Russian language on the “European Charter for regional or minority languages, ratified by Ukraine in 2003

The original of this document is irrelevant to the minority languages. The Charter referred to the minority languages, the languages under threat of extinction! The Ukrainian text of the ratified Charter (translated from Russian), as in other States, contains “national” features.

Here is a list of languages (minorities?) which the state has defined as such that require the same protection: Belarusian, Bulgarian, Gagauz, Greek (?), Jewish (?), Crimean Tatar, Moldavian, German, Polish, Russian, Romanian, Slovak and Hungarian. But there is no Karaite, krimtattoo or Gypsy.

The rights of minorities, including linguistic, are governed by the framework Convention for the protection of national minorities 1995.

Manipulation 5. The myth of the “titular” nation.

The concept of “titular nation” was invented in the XIX century during the controversial case of Dreyfus, a French writer and publicist chauvinistic and anti-Semitic views Maurice Barres. The term was used in the USSR are to this day found in the texts of certain scientists and political strategists, in particular those formed in the Soviet time and do not read the scientific literature of any foreign language except Russian. Not all the nice words have a nice meaning. The Ukrainians – a nation state.

Manipulation 6. The myth of the autochthonous people

The autochthonous is a synonym for “indigenous people” (see Manipulation 7), native to. In legal documents does not apply in the Ukrainian political narrative used by the ignorant. Unless someone has researched his own genealogy from ants and sclang and denies the presence of nomadic tribes on the territory of Ukraine. In application to us, contemporary Ukrainians, used in quasi-scientific journalistic texts and speeches of politicians.

Manipulation 7. Ukrainians are the indigenous people

Indigenous peoples in Ukraine – Crimean Tatars, Karaites, Krymchaks, Gagauz. Indigenous peoples – those who originally inhabited our territory for the period of establishing its modern borders, do not have their own state formations beyond Ukraine and samoletiki themselves as such. Indigenous peoples protected under international law – the UN Declaration on the rights of indigenous peoples of 13 September 2007. The Declaration States inter alia that indigenous peoples have the right to self-determination. The Ukrainians – not the indigenous people, because they have their own state.

During a meeting of the UN General Assembly, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the United States voted against the Declaration, 11 States abstained, in particular, Ukraine, Georgia, Russia, another 13 countries were absent during the vote, among them it is worth to mention Israel, Romania, Montenegro.

Pleasant journeys for your thoughts! Will continue.

Author: Irina Podlyak, MP, “Samopomich”




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