Ironed linen does not make sense, and here’s why

Гладить постельное белье не имеет смысла, и вот почему

The question of the level of epic. How long will linen to be ironed? This question was asked by the aunt of one of our friends. There was an awkward pause: a friend froze, because I didn’t know what to say, aunt, seeing the reaction, was confused. Then there was an interesting dialogue about the Ironing and generally what fabric is best for bedding. Aunt after a long time lives in Italy, for there the order used.

Why is the fabric for bed linen can not be ironed

It is important to understand one conceptual question – why underwear is generally iron? It is a long tradition, yet we spend in bed a third of his life, caring for her special needs. Before it was? In the river squirted, and then with hot iron that the microbes be destroyed. In the modern world it all seems long been irrelevant.

From the words of the aunt from Italy revealed the following: before Ironing really made sense as a hygienic procedure. Now almost every family has a washing machine and a lot of any detergent, including antimicrobial. Bed linens even at 90 degrees, hardly any bacteria will survive.

Besides the fact that the machines is present the function of drying and Ironing, modern fabric little need to wash them after Ironing. For example, silk, poplin, cotton can never be ironed, and the flax and just pointless, because it creases at the slightest touch. If you suffer inner aesthete, the clothes after washing can stretch and then fold along the seam – it will look as tidy.

The Italians in General believe, they say, why waste time and energy on what the next day will take its natural condition, it has again become wrinkled? Why burden yourself with unnecessary worries and still waste electricity? They think it’s just force of habit, parting with which nothing in life can not be violated. But to solve, of course, you.