Irritated by Ukraine: what France told him and Putin

Раздраженные Украиной: о чем во Франции говорили Макрон и Путин

Monday, August 19, in the French Fort Bregancon meeting of the presidents of France and Russia, Emmanuel Macron and Vladimir Putin. For 3.5 hours lasted the meeting, the heads of state discussed many issues, including the conflict in the Donbas.

Moreover, as noted in social networks, the macron was not only helpful with Putin, but said almost the hero of Russia. However, not surprising, the Kremlin channel Russia Today gave Macron a “celebration of soul” with coverage of the protests of the “yellow jackets” that anything other than pleasantries with the head of the Kremlin, he could not go.

“Apostrophe” says said him and Putin and their meeting promises to Ukraine.

How it was

The Kremlin’s media tracked the visit of Putin to be so meticulous, as if he expected that it’s going to be something terrible. Read for yourself:

RT: on the beach near Fort Bregancon, which will host the meeting of the presidents of Russia and France. Our reporter is waiting for the arrival of Putin. Still go in swimming trunks, but the police becoming more and more.

RIA Novosti: Russian President Vladimir Putin arrived in Marseille, where he will meet with his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron in Fort de Bregancon, the summer residence of French leaders. The plane of the Russian President landed in Marseille. It is planned that there he will Board the helicopter and an hour later arrive in Fort Bregancon.

RT: After landing in Marseille Vladimir Putin immediately moved to the helicopter.

And what is this?

RIA FAN: Makron hurt his wife during a meeting with Putin

Раздраженные Украиной: о чем во Франции говорили Макрон и Путин

Macron accidentally touched the elbow of the wife – Bridget, forgetting the fact that she had a dislocated arm. That’s the bastard. Putin’s wife would never hurt. Well, because …

And so on and so forth. However, Putin, the Kremlin’s media … what does all wonder.

The Makron with Putin was more tender than his wife. The entire delegation of the Russian Federation on a hot Sunny day sat in the shade, and the macron took the place in the sun.

“Makron so nice that our entire delegation was put in the shade, and he sits in the sun. So I will try to be brief,” said Putin.

Europe from Lisbon to Vladivostok. As stated by Makron

Before the meeting, macron said that it was “very important” and noted that he would discuss the negotiations with Putin on Donbas in the Normandy format, Syria, Iran, and the termination of the INF Treaty. He also expressed the opinion that the situation in Ukraine, there is peace.

Further, during the meeting, the President of France went for appeasement of Putin.

“I am convinced that Europe would stretch from Lisbon to Vladivostok”, – he said. Macron said that Russians are Europeans, and Moscow has the right to be part of the European family.

He also named correct the decision to return to Russia in the Council of Europe and in favour of the EU and Russia found a common language, noting that in these respects Ukraine is the main “irritant”. He also added that in the Channel format has been a new factor – the factor of Vladimir Zelensky.

Macron also called for the return of Moscow to G7, which must once again become the G8. He called Russia the main force that “plays a crucial role in resolving crises” in the world.

“I believe in European Russia and the sovereign in Europe, that is Europe stronger, which should find new opportunities through dialogue with Russia”, — said the President of France.

Significant moment. On the official website of the Macron in Facebook there was a post in Russian, which shows only certain users. Most likely, those who have the default Facebook installed Russian language.

Раздраженные Украиной: о чем во Франции говорили Макрон и Путин

Zelensky is encouraging. What Putin said

Speaking about the break-up of the INF Treaty, Putin once again stressed that blame the US, break the Treaty, not Russia. However, he was traditionally silent, that not only the US but the EU has accused Russia of failing missile Treaty and demanded an end to the development of prohibited missiles.

Speaking about Ukraine, Putin recalled a conversation with President Vladimir Zelensky. He noted that the Ukrainian question has been things that “inspire cautious optimism.”

He also hinted again that Moscow expects Kiev to implement the Minsk agreements.

“Any meeting in the Normandy format should lead to normal results, you need to ensure the implementation of already achieved agreements,” he said.

Putin also again included the old record, saying about the features of relations of Russia and France, both countries made a great contribution to the victory over Nazism.

Speaking of European Russia, the head of the Kremlin said that “Russia extends to the Pacific ocean and all the space of European culture.”

“This is important to understand. But that’s not it. It is not that today it seems impossible. What seems impossible today, tomorrow may become inevitable,” – he turned to Putin.

Traditionally humdrum Putin said that no nuclear state of emergency in Russia was not.

“There is no threat there, and no increase (radiation) background there also does not exist”, – Putin said, seriously pissed off the network.

Not without comments about the hard crackdown on rallies in Moscow and other cities.

“This year, before the election are not allowed 57 people. Also for the apparent violations during the election campaign. There’s just a falsified signature, according to the experts of the election Commission. There is a legal method of resolving disputes is the judicial procedure. And there are precedents … at Least in relation to one man decided to allow it to elections. As for the these events … citizens have the right to peace, in accordance with applicable law, the protests, and the authorities must ensure the realisation of these rights. But no one — neither the government nor any group of citizens — have no right to violate existing laws and to bring the situation to an absurdity or to clashes with the authorities. It is a violation of the law, and all who are guilty of these violations shall be prosecuted in accordance with the Russian law,” Putin said.

Uttered by the hero of Russia. What about all this writing on the net

Roman Tsymbalyuk

Putin’s trip to Europe a very useful for everyone. Where as in Paris, the Russian President asked, so what exploded in the North sea led to the increase of background radiation.

It is abroad the first person can pay attention to this thread and say, “okay,” the dead will be presented to the state awards.

Only outside Russia, Putin may speak about the protests in Moscow, because at home no journalist will ask him this question.

Questions he easily parried, though this is in Russia can generally be ignored.

But otherwise all is well, beautiful Marquise. Macron – our Russia – is Europe.

Telegram-channel Catharsis

Macron yesterday clearly said the Hero of Russia:

  • Russia plays an important role in the settlement of crises;
  • Our two great Nations must live together;
  • Russia is a deeply European country. We believe in this Europe that stretches from Lisbon to Vladivostok;
  • We need to consider how to transform this world order. In this sense, the relationship of France and Russia, Russia and the European Union are absolutely critical. I have stressed many times.

A rating of Macron below 30%, and in France for a year raging political crisis and the yellow jackets. Apparently he decided that he has nothing to lose and trying to probe for a new image, while leaving the hopes of becoming Merkel is President of Europe

Eugene Magda

Emmanuel macron announced in the next week summit meeting in the Normandy format.

Plus the problem of conflict settlement in the Donbass will be discussed in a recognized by the international community, however, the hybrid format, the last meeting of Normandy at the highest level took place in autumn 2016 in Berlin.

Minus – Ukraine risks to the situation “3 vs 1” with rigid enforcement of the Minsk agreements, because the interests of Germany, France and Russia today match. It is doubtful that Vladimir Zelensky will be able to resist such pressure.

Balance – a question of wording and protection of national interests of Ukraine are getting sharper, there are no simple solutions.

Telegram channel Legitimate

Our source in the Kremlin reported that Putin at the meeting with Macron gave a number of requirements, after which Russia is ready to Channel the meeting between the leaders of the countries.

Macron also touched on the topic of “recognition” by Russia of the elections in Ukraine. Our source reports that Russia recognizes Ukrainian elections after Ukraine begins to implement the Minsk agreements, and to start fulfilling a number of conditions, which it took over during the “Paris meeting” on July 12.

Rather, the recognition by Russia of the Ukrainian elections will take place shortly before the Normandy meeting between heads of state.