Iryna Bilyk decided to change jobs: “My President”, photo

Ирина Билык решила сменить место работы: "Мой президент", фото

Ukrainian singer Irina Bilyk has intrigued fans with a mysterious message related to elections

Appropriate post she posted on his page in the social network.

“And you would have voted for me if I ran for President of our country?” says in the caption.

Note that Bilyk also accompanied his message with tags “Bily my President” and “выборы2019”. It is noteworthy that such an initiative not everyone liked the singer’s fans.

“Why do you need it? Want people to be disrespected?”, “no. You were made for love, not politics,” “Holy is the Lord. Sing, Irina”, “you don’t meddle in the gang gang. We need you on stage”, “Everyone needs to be in place,” they write.

As previously reported, Irina Bilyk gave the family “secret”: “He broke all the toys”. Ukrainian singer Irina Bilyk shared a funny Christmas story about 3-year-old son.

Behind the scenes of the project “a Fantastic night on channel Ukraine”, which will be released on the channel Ukraine on 31 December, a famous singer Iryna Bilyk shared interesting stories that happened on New year’s day.

According to Irina Bilyk, the most important thing for her to spend the holiday with relatives. And especially she tries to make a holiday for youngest son Tabriz. However, sometimes there are oddities.

“To decorate the Christmas tree I’ll be with her younger son with Tabriz, he was three years old. However, last year when we decorated the Christmas tree, he broke all the toys. He just thought it was the balls that you throw on the floor,” – said Irina Bilyk. In addition, Iryna Bilyk has frankly told about the Christmas miracles that happened in her life:

“I believe in Santa Claus. When I was in Finland and asked him – please, grant me my wish… He said, well, sit down, granddaughter, on your knees. I sat down, and what I asked for and he wanted to have that year, I now have”.

Ирина Билык решила сменить место работы: "Мой президент", фото

Ирина Билык решила сменить место работы: "Мой президент", фото