Iryna Fedyshyn admitted, where the husband bought her an apartment

Popular Ukrainian singer Iryna Fedyshyn February 1, celebrated its 33rd birthday. On this occasion, her husband bought an apartment in Sunny country. Irina shared, where it will spend the summer.

Singer Iryna Fedyshyn the husband gave the birthday apartment. She said that new housing was acquired in Bulgaria. Details shared with Catherine Osadcha in the “high life”.

Iryna Fedyshyn is not only a great artist but also a caring and loving mother. Together with her husband, Vitaly Junikom, who is also her producer, celebrity has two sons. The star admitted that he is not against the completion of the family and they with Vitaly reflect on the birth of a third child.

Irina told that a loved one purchased a property in Bulgaria.

We didn’t tell anyone where you got the apartment. This Is Bulgaria. Such idea was offered by our good friend Viktor bronyuk. With views of the sea. I am happy that we have managed to realize that we now have an apartment in a warm country,
– admitted the actress.

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