Iryna Gerashchenko: the Russians are unable to observe the Ukrainian elections as long as Russia does not give us the Crimea and the Donbass

Ирина Геращенко: Россияне не могут наблюдать за украинскими выборами до тех пор, пока РФ не отдаст нам Крым и Донбасс

Ukraine is pleased to all international observers, except Russia, said the first Vice-speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Irina Gerashchenko.

The Russians will not be able to be election observers in Ukraine to de-occupation of Crimea and Donbass and the liberation of the Ukrainian hostages, wrote in Facebook the first Vice-speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Iryna Gerashchenko.

“When the EU, USA or Britain refuse someone a visa, the visa centers do not give any explanation. Each country is guided solely by its national interests in deciding whom to let and whom not to its territory. No Russian observers to our presidential and parliamentary elections in any international missions in Ukraine will not. This is our suverene have the right to protect Ukraine from the representatives of the aggressor country, from those who support the war in the Donbass and the theft of the Crimea, who is lying that “we are not there”. The Russians can’t observe the Ukrainian elections as long as Russia does not give us the Crimea and the Donbass, will not release our hostages and prisoners of war, do not take away their weapons and equipment and will not leave,” she wrote.

Gerashchenko expressed concern that in the official report of the Office for democratic institutions and human rights (ODIHR) of the OSCE in monitoring the presidential and Duma elections in Russia, there is no word about the fraud in the Crimea.

In her view, “once the OSCE will be ashamed of these double standards.” Herashchenko stressed that Ukraine assists the UN, the Council of Europe, OSCE and other international organizations not to be afraid and not to forget their principles and statutes.

“The rest of the international observers we are happy and open. We invite you, waiting at every polling station,” – said the first Vice-speaker.

7 February, Parliament passed a law banning the election in Ukraine of observers from the Russian Federation.

The ODIHR Ingibjorg, Solrun Gisladottir stated that the non-admission of observers from Russia in the elections violates the commitments of Ukraine.

February 8 member of the Council for human rights of the Russian Federation Igor Borisov announced that on February 11 “would attempt to” enter Ukraine Elizaveta Borisova from the Russian public Institute of electoral law and Kristina Bogdanova from the Autonomous nonprofit organization “Institute of public electoral diplomacy” in the long-term mission of the Office for democratic institutions and human rights OSCE.

On the same day in the ODIHR said that exclude the Russians from the list of observers at elections in Ukraine.

After that, Russia said that it had decided not to send observers to elections in Ukraine “security reasons”.

On 8 February, the Chairman of OSCE Miroslav Lajcak called on the Ukrainian authorities “to seek all possible solutions” which would accredit all observers of the ODIHR in the presidential elections on March 31.

On 13 February, the Russian foreign Ministry said that Russia will send nominations to the short-term OSCE / ODIHR mission for monitoring the presidential elections in Ukraine.