Is it possible to destroy the Crimean bridge: the expert gave the forecast in case of a major war with Russia

Можно ли уничтожить Крымский мост: эксперт дал прогноз на случай большой войны с Россией

Despite the serious faults of the Kerch bridge, and that he might collapse after some time, but by military means to destroy the illegally constructed object would be very difficult.

Military expert Oleg Starikov in comments to the website “Today” explained that such objects seriously protected at the level of nuclear power plants.

“If the object is strategic, he is always protected not only by Vohra (special armed protection of objects of critical infrastructure) and the internal troops, but the tactical units of the air defense. I mean, usually such objects are well-protected against high-altitude targets – that is, aircraft and low-flying winged missiles. For example, all nuclear power plants in Ukraine are protected by air defense. A similar protection of Russia provided for the Crimean bridge – given its strategic importance. To hit, of course, can be anything you want. But it is unlikely that the bridge in the event of a hypothetical war will be the object that will be easy to destroy” – said the expert.

Indeed, judging from available public information, Russia has already provided an extremely powerful protection of the bridge. So, in different media say that covers the strategic structure of its own air defense system, which includes the complexes “Armor”, “Thor”, “Buk-M2”,s-400 “Triumph”. Air bridge patrol the su-27 fighter jets and anti-submarine Il-38, with sea patrol boats of the border service of FSB of Russia, military ships. In addition, the bridge 20 is installed reinforced posts “anti-sabotage” of protection, the bridge is protected by a specially formed brigade of the National guard and anti-sabotage part of the black sea fleet.