Is it possible to have a dessert after dinner: the response of a nutritionist – 24 Channel

Чи можна їсти десерт після обіду: відповідь дієтолога - 24 Канал

After the main meal you can eat sweets, but in small quantities. In particular, when after a dinner the body requires to raise the level of glucose in the blood, you should eat a little good for the body dessert.

Tells about this popular Ukrainian nutritionist Svetlana FUS on his page in Instagram.

“For in us there is a feeling of hunger? Often, due to low levels of glucose in the blood. And in order to bring this indicator back to normal, the body requires nothing but a quick carbohydrate. And often that makes sense,” she said.


The dietician noted that a salad, soup or more useful for the main dish contributes to the restoration of glucose. However, she noticed that it happens not at once and in the period Vdovina sugar levels in the blood, “and I want to eat something sweet or harmful.”

If you feel slight hunger or craving for sweets after lunch, so the body needs to restore glucose levels. You can help him without damaging the figure if you eat small healthy dessert. For example, it can be dried fruit or a piece of dark chocolate, but not more than 30 grams a day
– said Svetlana FUS.

According to her, it will satisfy the hunger until, while glucose starts to absorption of complex carbohydrates that have been consumed in the main meal.


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