Is it worth buying Galaxy A51. What they say about it the real owners

Стоит ли покупать Galaxy A51. Что о нем говорят реальные владельцы

The choice of smartphone for many users – the process is quite trivial. It is good you have not only set a price range and operating system, which, incidentally, is also not always done at the click of your fingers, but to identify all the tradeoffs and benefits of the selected model. To do it in the video reviews on YouTube should not, after all, it is often difficult to determine, says a leading sincere or just retells an advertisement. Therefore, it is best, first, to consider the already-tested models, and, secondly, to start from reviews from real owners.

The most popular smartphone in mid-2020 is considered to be the Galaxy A51. Affected a great combination of price, features and design. Moreover, the design here plays not the last role, because available devices often look rather so-so, but Samsung decided on an unprecedented for the industry step up and put budget A51 in the case of the flagship S20, Dobrev all this splendor high-quality AMOLED-display, podanym fingerprint scan and chetyrehstennoy camera system. You only find out whether this set of owners.

Galaxy A51 – reviews

A great screen. The front camera is so small that I cease to notice it after an hour of work with the device. Unit cells almost sticks out of the rear. This makes the thickness of the device (about 8 mm) the fair over the entire area. Very easy One UI 2.0. Settings – dam. Including dark theme. After the update, no freezes and lags. Everything works like clockwork. The camera – pleasure. For the price – great choice. Phone communications, Internet, video and audio. Not for toys. With this load the machine copes with a Bang, writes the owner of A51 on “Yandex.A market”.

In total on a platform of “Yandex” left 173 review of the Galaxy A51. Of them negative (with a score below 3 points) – 36, which is quite revealing. And some of the negative reviews were obviously left by people, the relationship to the Galaxy A51 is not available. In fact, this is evidenced by inconsistencies. For example, a couple of reviews say that the smartphone is not equipped with a light sensor, although such design is present in two or three it is said that the smartphone “died” after six years of use, while the A51 was released in December 2019, the year, and to Russia reached only in January 2020.

Problems Galaxy A51

However, A51, of course, imperfect. The most common claims against smartphones are a small battery and a plastic case. Despite the battery capacity of 4000 mAh, Galaxy A51 lives from one charging only one day, users complain. However, they do not say anything about their usage scenarios, and therefore to draw any conclusions about the real autonomy difficult. However, the instance my family lives about two days with regular use Instagram and Telegram.

About the plastic casing – I agree. If you carry a smart phone without a case, its mother of pearl heel starts to cover the small scratches. The same, incidentally, applies to the display. The manufacturer claims that it is Gorilla Glass, but a little wearing of the device in a jeans pocket may lead to the appearance of shallow scratches-hairs, which is also unpleasant. From myself I will add more about periodic freezes. This phenomenon there is no General rule and the reasons leading to it, but practice shows that 2-3 times a week and the machine may hang and 10-20 seconds to respond to touch. What is the reason, I do not know.

Is it worth buying Galaxy A51

Is it worth buying Galaxy A51? Definitely Yes, if you are looking for a smartphone up to 20 thousand rubles with the best combination of price, performance and appearance. After all, find the market more favorable device than this, you will not be able. The fact that the worldwide Galaxy A51 sells for 350-400 dollars, and in Russia and some countries it can be purchased for 16-20 thousand rubles, which is twice cheaper than its retail price in developed countries. It is clear that the way Samsung simply captures the market, but what we, as consumers, may be the difference, right?

Стоит ли покупать Galaxy A51. Что о нем говорят реальные владельцы

Стоит ли покупать Galaxy A51. Что о нем говорят реальные владельцы

Стоит ли покупать Galaxy A51. Что о нем говорят реальные владельцы