Is there any chance for Ukraine to receive the medal of the biathlon world Championships

In Italian Antholz started the world championship on biathlon which will end on 23 February. A real feast for the fans of winter sports. The contenders for the medals this time, a lot of the intrigue will be present in each race.

Most hopeful in the national team should put on a single SUPERMIX. To fight for the gold, the Ukrainians will not be easy, but the prize is very, very possible. There are chances in the women’s relay. Now analysts are betting Parimatch Ukraine in seventh place in the list of contenders.

Also special for us will be the men’s sprint. The fact that it will involve five Ukrainian biathletes. This was not there before, from the Ukraine in the sprint race at the world Championships was attended by no more than four athletes.

The national team of Ukraine (female) Elena Pidhrushna, Jim, Julia, Valya Semerenko, Vita Semerenko, Anastasiya Merkushyna, Yuliya Zhuravok
Ukraine national team (men): Mr Pidruchny, Artem prima, Anton Dudchenko Sergey Semenov, Ruslan Tkalenko, Bogdan Tsymbal.

In the meantime, the world Cup was held classical mixed relay. The Ukrainians could qualify for a bronze, but took only the fifth place. All because of a miss Dmitry Pidruchna. He himself explained why it happened. On 14 February only women’s sprint.