ISA Anokhina showed the result of plastic surgery

Айза Анохина показала результат пластической операции

Well-known TV presenter and ex-wife of rapper Guf 35-year-old ISA Anokhin has made another plastic surgery and have shown the result of the work of the surgeon.

ISA never hid the fact that she, like any other woman sees a lot of flaws in their appearance, therefore, has repeatedly appealed for help to plastic surgeons to fix them.

Anokhin says that at the time it is pumped into lip gel, pull the upper part of the face, fixed the curve of the nose, and after the second birth had liposuction and 3D-modeling.

Svetlana Anokhina in addition, she regularly makes a variety of beauty treatments and beauty shots. Recently, the ISA decided that she should upgrade to “tuning” and lay still on the operating table. This time the media personality has improved the upper part of the face: corrected eyebrows, smoothed her brow and opened his eyes.

“Look, here I have some pins. I certainly fierce pervert, but this will be much lower. Not so high to be eyebrows. I like it already. No more Botox won’t stick because the forehead is stretched. Beauty, Yes?”, – asked fans of ISA, showing her face after the surgery.

We will remind, Svetlana Anokhina continues to make plastics despite the fact that one operation she was unsuccessful. Several years ago, the ISA decided to insert himself in the chest implants. However, the girl has allergies and the implants had to be removed. Then ISA had several rather painful operations to restore breast shape.

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