Isabelle Gular showed sexual photos with yoga classes

Изабель Гулар показала сексуальное фото с занятия йогой

For models of the world level is much important to look million dollars and keep your body in good shape. That’s why 34-year-old Isabelle Gular lot of sports and with pleasure shows it in the beautiful sunshine to his fans.

In addition to bright pictures with relaxing and seductive images in swimsuit, Isabelle Gular shows fans behind the scenes of her modeling life, which includes frequent exercise. To maintain your shape in tonus, Brazilian a lot of time active lifestyle.

So, a new photo Isabelle Gular on her page in Instagram can be attributed to the category “artwork”. After all, as she delivers your sports, do not know how to file one.

The photo of the model on the roof of the apartment buildings standing on his head with legs upward. It only a tiny costume, which consists of high-rise shorts and crop top. She poses on the background of the Ferris wheel in Paris, noting the location and the fact that she does yoga. What I wonder now is held in Paris fashion Week, Isabel, however, even during such large-scale events finds time for sports.

Изабель Гулар показала сексуальное фото с занятия йогой

Isabelle Gular / Instagram / @izabelgoulart

I should add that during a holiday in Italy, 34-year-old model combines the useful with the pleasant. Free time in the pool she spent not just swimming and doing the stationary bike right in the water.