ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attack in Melbourne

ИГ взяла ответственность за нападение в Мельбурне

Terrorist group “Islamic state” has claimed responsibility for the offense on Friday in the Australian city of Melbourne assaulting passers-by. This was reported by Reuters. The police arrived in the business quarter of the city after the car crashed into the trade center building and burst into flames. On the arriving guards attacked a man with a knife, shouting “Allah Akbar”. The attack injured three people, one of whom died, two were hospitalized with stab wounds. Investigators have classified the incident as a terrorist attack.

“Now we learned a little more about the personality of this person. Initially we could not identify, but now we have confirmation of the identity of the attacker. For certain operational reasons, this case involved a counter-terrorist team. They are responsible for this case and are investigating”.

Reportedly, the attacker, the attacker was shot by police and later died in hospital. According to some reports, the perpetrator had moved to Australia from Somalia in the 90-ies. Meanwhile, eye witnesses tell what they saw.

“At first we saw nothing, and then noticed a guy running along the tram tracks on Bourke street, and the police fled in the opposite direction. Then we heard a loud gunshot and then saw a burning car on the right side. The police forbade us to go further,” says the girl.

“I was there about two seconds after everyone ran. And then I saw a very tall black guy who seems to be anywhere near that car, and at this point someone else approached the car. I think he wanted to check everything was in order. And then the dark-skinned man struck the approaching guy. And I ran,” says the guy.

This is not the first attack in Australia, responsibility for which takes care of the IG. So, last year a man opened fire and took a hostage in Melbourne. As a result one person was killed and three law enforcement officers were injured. The IG said that the assailant was their “soldier”.

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