Israel began to remove the thyroid through the mouth

В Израиле начали удалять щитовидку через рот

At the hospital, “Ichilov” in tel Aviv have mastered a new method of removing the thyroid gland without an incision on the neck. This was reported by “news” the press-service of the hospital.

Head of the ENT hospital complex Professor Dan Fliss explains: “a New method leaves no scar on the neck and based on transoral access to the gland – that is, through the patient’s mouth. Made with 3 small incision in the mouth, between the lip and the lower teeth. Then there is introduced endoscope, which controls the robot according to the instructions of the surgeon.”

The operation to be performed with pinpoint accuracy, allows you to remove the thyroid gland without leaving even a tiny scar on the body.

This new method, while in Israel, are other methods of removal of the thyroid gland with minimal cosmetic defects. For example, to avoid scars on the neck, practiced access to the gland from the armpit or through the scalp, the scar formed in inconspicuous place. The absence of the postoperative scar is found for the first time.

The new method has its pros and cons. The main advantage – the absence of the cosmetic defect of the neck. Disadvantages associated with the lack of direct control of the surgical field, thus limiting the possibility of complex interventions.

“Complex interventions are required when a thyroid tumor grows in other organs or when you require the removal of cervical lymph nodes, explains Professor Fliss. – There are also patients who access through the mouth increases the risk of bleeding or nerve damage. Therefore, this method is not suitable for all patients, and the decision rests with the doctor. But in the absence of contraindications new method, of course, is the best.”

“It should be noted that the new operation does not differ from interference with direct access, – said the Professor. The only difference in the indirect access and use of video cameras and managed devices, allowing to avoid the skin incision on the neck.”