Israel has dissolved Parliament, appointing early elections

В Израиле распустили парламент, назначив досрочные выборы

Elections to the Knesset will be held on 2, 10 or 17 March

In Israel, the period allotted to the deputies of the Knesset (unicameral Parliament) on the formation of a coalition government, becausewhy Parliament is considered dissolved. It is reported by radio station Kan.

For the time after the debriefing on September 17, the coalition never took place. Although parliamentarians can pass a bill on dissolution of the chamber in the second and third readings, as in the first reading it was approved on Wednesday, December 11, until the completion of the mandate for the formation of the Cabinet.

If this document is adopted, elections will be held on March 2. If the document does not accept the election automatically will be on March 10. However, on this day, in Israel to celebrate the Jewish holiday of Purim, in this regard, the voting can move on March 17.

Note, Benjamin Netanyahu Prime Minister of Israel and head of the Likud party together with the leader of the bloc centrists “Kajol-Laban” benny Ganz trying in turn to form a government. Each was allotted 28 days. After the failure of these attempts, President Reuven Rivlin has instructed the creation of the office of the speaker of the Knesset representative of all parliamentarians Julius Edelstein.

Israeli media reported that the parliamentary Committee already prepares for consideration in the second and third readings of the bill on dissolution of the chamber.

Over the past 11 months, Israel will go in March for the third election. For the first two times Netanyahu has failed in the allotted period of time to form a government.