Israel has stopped fuel exports to the Baltic States, Poland and Ukraine

Белоруссия прекратила экспорт топлива в Прибалтику, Польшу и на Украину

Belarusian oil refineries ceased to export light petroleum products to neighboring countries – Ukraine, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.

As reported TASS, or the cessation of supply has declared the Deputy Director of the Belarusian oil company Sergey Mushroom. According to a top Manager, this situation has arisen on the background of deterioration in the quality of Russian oil.

“To date, contractual obligations are suspended until the decision of a question with the Russian oil… Suspended deliveries of light oil products – gasoline and diesel fuel in Ukraine, Poland and the Baltic States”, – he said.

The decline of export Minsk intends to provide its domestic market. At the same time, the realization of dark oil products will continue through the ports of the Baltic sea in the direction of far of the arc. The company is now assessing the damage and working around possible sanctions from counterparties.

Ruposters wrote that the Belarusian authorities decided to demand compensation from Russia due to poor quality oil. In monetary terms, the damages can run into “many hundreds of millions of dollars”, but to calculate it only happens after a while.