Israel in the coming weeks preparing to ratify the FTA agreement with Ukraine

Израиль в ближайшие недели готовится ратифицировать соглашение о ЗСТ с Украиной

The Knesset (Parliament) of Israel in the coming weeks plans to ratify the agreement on free trade zone with Ukraine.

The corresponding statement in the conversation with the Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Dmitry Coleby was made head of the foreign Ministry of Israel Gabi Ashkenazi, the press service of the Ukrainian Ministry.

“At the request of the foreign Minister of Ukraine, Minister of foreign Affairs of the state of Israel was assured that the new Israeli Knesset intends in coming weeks to ratify the Agreement on free trade between Ukraine and Israel,” the message reads.

It is also noted that Kuleba congratulated Israeli counterpart with appointment to the post of foreign Minister of the state of Israel.

The Ministers agreed to maintain friendly personal relations, to further develop trade between the two countries, maintain high-level political dialogue and to continue mutual support in international organizations.

Kuleba was invited Israeli counterpart, who has never visited Ukraine, to visit our country as soon as circumstances permit. Ashkenazi accepted the invitation. In turn, Kuleba has accepted the invitation of the Israeli colleagues to visit Israel.

As noted in the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine, the free trade agreement between Ukraine and the State of Israel was signed on 21 January 2019. The Ukrainian side has completed the process of ratification on 6 August 2019, the ratification of the newly elected Knesset (Parliament) of the state of Israel is expected soon.

According to experts, the functioning of the free trade Agreement will double the trade turnover between the two countries in the short term

In 2019, the total trade turnover between Ukraine and Israel totaled 1 billion 116.3 million U.S. dollars.

The new government of Israel was sworn in on may 17, 2020.

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