Israel storm: will the third elections for the year

Израиль штормит: будут ли третьи выборы за год

This week is absolutely crazy situation happened in Israel. For the first time in the history of this country, none of those who were in the Parliament parties failed to form a coalition government. Moreover, it is necessary to note that this happened after the second year of snap elections in local Parliament – the Knesset.

The perfect storm in Israel

Now the MPs have exactly 3 weeks to form a coalition. So, in theory, any MP can collect under their personal banner of the majority and become Prime Minister. This requires the support of 61 deputies out of 120.

But there is a problem: a strong polarization of the society and the political class. Speaking in plain language, in the Knesset, all strong and mutually don’t like Arabs – Jews, local – come in large numbers, right – left, religious – secular, and so on. With many of his colleagues MPs because of this do not want to talk. They regard each other as almost enemies. To put together in these working conditions, the coalition is almost unbelievable.

There was, however, one hope. At the party, most of those come in large numbers – the post-Soviet immigrants, called “Our house – Israel”. Its leader, a Moldavian Jew from Chisinau Avigdor Lieberman. With his eight deputies could receive from the two coalitions.

Like most post-Soviet people, the supporters of his party to religion are cool, without fanaticism. So the “left” offered them a place in his secular coalition. But former Russians/Ukrainians/Belarusians/Moldovans, and so forth hold very right beliefs. Therefore, they are in a coalition called “right”.

The problem was in the post-Soviet voters. They usually very much do not like Arabs. Just the spirit can not stand them. Therefore, in a coalition with the left, they will not go. At the same time, they quite often think the rogues, the idlers and obscurantism of the ultra-Orthodox Jews. There is a whole list of very serious complaints, like “why Saturday transport doesn’t go?”. Therefore, in the “right”-religious coalition supporters don’t want Lieberman.

Because of their claims to the Arabs on the one hand and Orthodoxy on the other hand, any coalition in Israel is not for almost a year. It was then that the same restless Lieberman waved his tail and went away from the “right” of the government. In fact, the chances of the emergence of coalition in the current Knesset has already almost gone. Therefore, I think, about five months in Israel will be the third consecutive special election.

The Israelis themselves are already very angry at their politicians for their inability to negotiate between themselves and the government. Therefore, we cannot exclude that at the next election the political landscape in the country changed dramatically. Besides, on this problem now running the Israeli prosecution.

The Fall Of The King Bibi

Israel today is experiencing the most severe political crisis in its history. The Knesset for the first time in history failed to create a coalition, and people for the first time in history will have a third in a year to go to early elections. But that’s not all.

On 21 November, the Israeli Prosecutor’s office for the first time in history have brought criminal charges against current Prime Minister. Although, I must say that the current Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu a call is no longer Prime Minister, as “king Bibi.” He has been in power for a very long time. The first time he became Prime Minister in 1996 and that more than 20 years ago!

Long time local Prosecutor’s office all the time looking for signs of crime in the activities of the Bibi and his relatives. The years he very cleverly evaded any charges to your address. But Israeli prosecutors still get to it. It is necessary to make a digression. I want to confess his love to the Israeli Prosecutor’s office. This is the most honest, principled, incorruptible and relentless law enforcement Agency in the world.

Judge for yourself:

  • In 2011, in the prison he went to President Moshe Katsav, convicted of molesting female subordinate and obstruction of justice.
  • In 2014, 6 years in prison received by former mayor of Jerusalem, URI Lupolianski.
  • In 2018, the condemned former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert.

Ministers, deputies and mayors of towns and cities, sitting and sitting in Israel for corruption, is a day to count. Accordingly, everyone who is will and in office, behave very well and, as a rule, do not steal. They know that if messed with, then no amount of posts will not save them. In General, no. It happened this time. Something like Kolomoisky attorney General avihai man-del-Blyth live announced that his office accusing the Prime Minister of bribery, breach of trust and fraud.

There are a lot of things, but it seems to me the most interesting of the so-called “Case of 4000”. Its essence is that Bibi, as the Minister of communications, helped media magnate Shaul Ilovica to save $ 500 million. According to the Prosecutor’s office, in response to a grateful businessman told his reporters to write about Bibi how about the dead either good or nothing. The investigators interpreted this as a bribe, and now need to punish the Prime Minister in court.

As experts say, the courts in three cases the Prime Minister will go for many years. But the very beginning of this proceeding greatly reduces the chances of Bibi to win on the third early elections. The people are not willing to vote for the person officially charged with corruption. In addition, his head will now be busy saving their freedom in court, and not a pre-election technologies. Now everything points to the fact that the era of “king Bibi” ends.

I think that for Israel it will be good. Now there will be hope for a change of political generation. Seventy Netanyahu with his friends for decades sat on the Premiership, not letting to young people. In order to preserve the enthusiasm of his supporters, he was forced to pursue a more radical policy and to draw their opponents all the darker colors. Largely because of this, the Israeli society has become so compartmentalized.

If Bibi will go to conduct their vessels to retire, in the future the Israelites he probably will put a monument. For the country he did so much. But if he will cling to power, it will go down in history as the old dictatorial and corrupt policies of the warehouse, ready for power to absolutely everything. I hope king Bibi will make the right choice.

Израиль штормит: будут ли третьи выборы за год

Израиль штормит: будут ли третьи выборы за год

Израиль штормит: будут ли третьи выборы за год