Israeli Prime Minister accused the Ukrainian media in the excessive attention to detail

Премьер Израиля обвинил украинские СМИ в чрезмерном внимании к мелочам

The fact that the wife of the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, Sara Netanyahu threw a welcome slice of the loaf on the ground, her husband considers unworthy of attention by accident.

According to him, “all the talk of disrespect (wife Netanyahu – ed.) to the Ukraine – complete nonsense.” The incident with the bread and salt is a small thing, sure, the Israeli official. And most importantly – that “Sarah has arrived in Kyiv, dressed in yellow and blue, the Ukrainian national colors, precisely in order to show their respect for this country.”

Read thakurani Netanyahu and Zelensky in Kiev: important results and statements of”If you want to know about the nature of the visit, I can tell you that we Ukrainians signed a free trade agreement, and reached agreement on opening representative offices of Ukraine in Jerusalem and decided many important issues”, – quote the Prime Minister, the Israeli News.

Bloated the scandal of the incident with the bread reminded Netanyahu on a visit to Israel, Prime Minister of Japan.

“The Israeli media talked about how the visit contributed to the growth of Japanese investment in our economy, or about the signed agreements. Everyone was talking about was dessert in the form of a Shoe, filed guest.

Well, we realized that we need to do if you want to win the attention of the press. The principle is clear, do so in the future,” – said Netanyahu.

Earlier, the incident with the thrown bread commented the Ambassador of Israel in Ukraine Yoel Lyon: “I talked to the head of the office of the President (Vladimir Zelensky – ed.) and he told me that the whole loaf was misinterpreted, irrelevant and not worth the attention of the press.”

The Ukrainians, whose ancestors in 1932-1933 experienced claimed millions of lives in the famine, to the incident at the airport reacted painfully.