Israeli web series about the Holocaust won two “Internet Oscar”

Израильский веб-сериал о Холокосте завоевал два "интернет-Оскара"

Awarded to Instagram-project “eve. History.” It was noted in two nominations: for a unique narrative style and the use of social media, reports The Times of Israel.

Award “Webby” – a prestigious international web-based professional award. It is even called the “Oscar” for network projects. Now, among its owners – the creators of the 70-serial story of Eva Heyman, a citizen of Hungary during the Holocaust. The idea for businessman Mati Kohavi and his daughter Maya.

“The series is, in fact, “made” by the Israelis. They took him in, loved and followed him in Instagram, – said the creators of the project – And after you have joined the millions of viewers around the world.”

Kohavi said that the award will help draw public attention to the history of the 13-year-old Eva, who was murdered in the concentration camp of Auschwitz only because of his belonging to the Jewish people.

Most importantly, what would make the authors of the series – the preservation of the memory of the Holocaust among the younger generation. At last year’s speech to the Day of memory of victims of the Holocaust in Israel Maya Kohavi said that he and his father read dozens of journals before settling on the story of Eva Heyman. According to their plan, the heroine was supposed to be a person that could communicate modern children.

Hayman was among the approximately 430 000 Hungarian Jews who were deported to Nazi concentration camps in the period from 15 may to 9 July 1944.

Storis in instagram account allegedly conducted on behalf of the heroine – as if a social network existed in those years, and the girl could tell about her changing suddenly life in real time. To participate in the project attracted professional actors and shot him in the spirit of Hollywood.

At the show, there are other rewards, chief of which is the love of the audience – in Instagram on the “eve” signed by more than half a million people, said the stmegi.

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