Issued a coin in honor of Stephen Hawking: how it looks

Выпустили монету в честь Стивена Хокинга: как она выглядит

The Royal mint of great Britain issued a coin in honor of the scientist Stephen Hawking. On the coin 50 pence depicts a black hole – that their study involved a famous scientist.

Coins with the black hole released in various alloys and are from 10 to 795 pounds. All circulation coins have already been reserved, said the Royal mint in his Twitter. All coins were made of gold. It is reported by Meduza.

I tried to put a big black hole on a tiny coin would like that he (Hawking, ed. Techno 24) was still here to laugh about it,
– told of Edwin Ellis, who designed the coin.

The message about the start of sales of the commemorative coins posted on Twitter by the Royal mint.

Who is Stephen Hawking?
The famous physicist, well-known researcher of black holes. Died March 14, 2018.

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