It all started with a joke: network captured Kiki-challenge (video)

Усе почалось із жарту: мережу захопив кікі-челендж (відео)

The song “In my feelings” rapper Drake people dancing, leaving the car while driving. To find such video for hashtags in Stogram #DotheShiggy, #InMyFeelings, #InMyFeelingsChallenge and #KekeChallenge. The car rides, starts the chorus, the dancer comes out, shakes his hips for the recognition of the singer Drake has feelings for Kiki and the other person takes it all on video with the car! It all began with a joke. 30 Jun blogger-comedian Sigg published a video in which he dances to the song of Drake with the caption “Mood: Kiki, do you love me?” and the hashtag #DotheShiggy (Do as Sigg). Video black danced, showing her hands hearts and squatting. Danced by the blogger near the road, the phone put on my car and the music turned on the tape recorder. While dancing close to another car drove, and behind was filling. The call took singer Ciara, rapper Jonathan Smith, actor will Smith, DJ DPLo and many other famous people. Everyone wanted to outperform Sigh. For example, will Smith was dancing on the bridge, Jonathan Smith – in the company of friends, and Ciara in Africa, where he got out of the car with a beautiful view of the sea and the mountains. The song has garnered nearly 120 million views on YouTube. And the clip on it still making it! According to Billboard, for the week of HIV the launch of the challenge of it published more than 2 million tweets. The flashmob involved everything from professional dancers, artists and celebrities to animals that jump out of the car and dance on its hind legs. Now a popular movement to perform even the rapper Drake. At one of the concerts he performed dance elements of the challenge. It is spreading in Ukraine. After joining the flash mob of the famous people, more and more Ukrainians decide to shake the booty to the song of the famous rapper. However, for many this idea fails. For example, in Tunisia during the dance the girl stole the bag, the other was hit by the oncoming car, someone fell into the river, and someone drove a car without a driver. Such attacks – thousands! Police from all over the world urging people not to engage in dangerous flash mob, and if they want to dance, not on the road while driving. The founder of flash mob Sigg says that he was not going to associate the dance challenge. “You don’t need to dance around the car while driving and generally attached to the car. Do it anywhere. And take care, children!” – asks the comedian.     

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