It became known as prolong life with sleep

Стало известно, как продлить жизнь при помощи сна

Became a well-known mechanism, through which you can mediate the impact of healthy sleep on a significant reduction in the risk of premature death. About this on their pages according to Tape. ru, reports

It turned out that this mechanism is driven by the production of anti-inflammatory molecules, whose number is greatly reduced due to the insufficient amount of time allocated for leisure during the day. This was the conclusion reached scientists from Harvard medical school (USA). During the study, researchers used genetically modified mice prone to developing atherosclerosis. The first half of the animals were allowed to sleep normally, while the other part of the animal, scientists have caused a violation of sleep.

Over time the second group developed progressive defeat arteries, namely, significantly increased the number of plaques in blood vessels, in comparison with the group of mice who slept normally. Ultimately, mouse, nedosypayuschie normal number of hours, had twice as many cells involved in the development of various inflammatory processes. Also, their body started to produce less hormone orexin responsible for the revival and regulation of sleep.