It became known as punished the driver who rammed ATB in Melitopol

Стало известно как наказали водителя, таранившего АТБ в Мелитополе

On October 26 Intercultural St. the accident occurred. Approximately 2.35 nights the driver of the Opel stopped at the window of the ATB. Fortunately, the accident has done without victims, supermarket material damage.

As it turned out, the driver, rammed a shop window, was in a state of alcoholic intoxication. It was composed of two administrative Protocol under article 124 (violation of the rules of coronaridine. led to the accident) and 130 (driving under the influence of alcohol), Art. They were consolidated into one case which recently considered the Melitopol city court.

At trial the driver admitted the guilt completely and explained that he indeed drunk driving, lost control and made arrival on the building of the shop “ATB”. The crime sincerely repented.

The court, having examined the case file, prescribe the culprit the penalty of 10200 UAH, with deprivation of the right to drive vehicles for a period of one year.