It became known as the maximum pension in Melitopol

Стало известно, какой максимальный размер пенсии в Мелитополе

In July is in full swing, the payment of indexed pensions. So, in connection with raising the minimum subsistence level, minimum pensions have grown from 1638 to 1712 UAH UAH, an increase of 74 UAH. In connection with the indexation of pensions increased, though from different categories of pensioners, the size of the payments differs. RIA-Melitopol will tell who and how much receives.

With a minimum amount of the pension, everything is clear. She is 1712 UAH. But the maximum pension in Ukraine is calculated from 10 times the subsistence minimum, and it increased to 740 UAH. Thus, the maximum pension is 120 UAH 17.

Until June the maximum pension amounted to 16 380 UAH. Received her in the city 54. After indexing the pension in the amount of 17 UAH 120 receives 45 melitopoltsy. According to the head of the service center PFCs Svetlana Hristova receive a pension the most different categories of citizens, who during the operation was the official high salary. By the way, 17 120 UAH – the maximum amount of pension in Melitopol.

Significantly increased and the minimum pension to persons with disabilities resulting from the war and the pensions of the combatants. So, for example, the pension of the disabled of group I increased by UAH 481, and is July 11 128 UAH, invalids of II group – on 388,50 UAH (8 988 UAH), in group III increased by UAH 266,40. These pensioners receive 6 136 UAH 20 kopeks. combatants began to receive only 121,10 UAH more. The minimum pension is from July 2 824,80 UAH.

For the amount up to UAH 166,50 210,90 increased the surcharge to persons with disabilities received at Chernobyl. Group I received 4 879, 20 UAH, group II – 4 365,60 UAH, III, a group of Chernobyl gets – 3 852 UAH.

The miners receive 3 times the minimum subsistence level, consequently, their pension after indexation increased by UAH 222. and is 5 UAH 136.

Quite a bit increased surcharge to pension for special merits before Ukraine, 14,80 – 29, 60 UAH. Also, a small increase was given to the participants of the war, 11,10 UAH, bringing the increase to pension is 256, 80 UAH.

On 14, 80 UAH increased the pensions of war participants awarded medals, their overall increase is 342, 60 UAH. On average, the allowance of victims of Nazi persecution (persons with disabilities) is 30 UAH. Their copay, depending on the group varies from 513,60 856 UAH to UAH.