It became known as the punished teachers who were selling diplomas in Melitopol

Стало известно, как наказали преподавателей, которые торговали дипломами в Мелитополе

Employees of Melitopol multidisciplinary centre for technical and vocational education (train the Lyceum) for the money provided fake documents of qualification.

Police became aware of two episodes of issuance of diplomas to employees of the locomotive depot.

Thus, the workers of the locomotive depot Pology paid 10.5 thousand for the document of qualification in the specialty “assistant driver” and “rolling stock repairman”. Gave the money they psychologist of the enterprise, which the most part left to themselves, and 3.9 thousand was transferred to the account of the institution.

During receiving the next bribe the woman was detained red-handed. Mounted police officers and employees of the institution involved in the crime. They turned out to be Deputy Director of the Lyceum, a teacher and two masters.

In relation to employees was initiated a criminal case under article 366 UK of Ukraine (forgery). Recently Melitopol city court examined the case under the simplified procedure, as all the accused entered into an agreement with the Prosecutor.

The punishment for a group of persons, the crime was quite soft. All of the defendants received a penalty of 850 UAH. They remained at their posts. The court only banned them for a year to be members of the qualifying commissions.