It became known, what title will get Kate Middleton when Prince William becomes king – 24 Channel

Стало відомо, який титул отримає Кейт Міддлтон, коли принц Вільям стане королем - 24 Канал

The Duke of Cambridge Prince William is second in line to the throne of great Britain after his father, Prince Charles.

After the Duke of Cambridge will become king William V and his wife Kate Middleton will become Queen Catherine. However, without a number in the title, like Catherine VI. It is reported by the Royal historian Marlene Koenig, the magazine writes, “Hello!”.

The wife of the king according to tradition the Queen. In most monarchies the Queen’s husband should have the title, but does not share his wife,
the expert explained why the husband of Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Phillip did not become king.

In addition, when Prince Charles ascends to the throne, the eldest son Prince William will take his titles: Duke Cornish Duke, and Rotsey and Kate Middleton will inherit them from her husband.

According to Marlena Kenna, Prince William will get another title from the grandmother of the Prince of Wales, and his wife, respectively, will become Princess of Wales.

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