It became known who will lead the electoral process updated party of Petro Poroshenko

Стало известно, кто будет руководить избирательным процессом обновленной партиии Петра Порошенко

The head of the electoral headquarters of the party updated Petro Poroshenko will be the Deputy Chairman of the faction PPO Sergey Berezenko.

About this “Ukrainian Pravda” said a source close to Poroshenko.

“The head of a staff Poroshenko will be Sergey Berezenko. He is on the list of “European solidarity,” – said the source UE.

“We have a strange cleansing happening,” he added.

According to ck, the head of the previous campaign – presidential – Vitaliy Kovalchuk retired from Poroshenko will not participate in the electoral race along with the “European solidarity”.