It costs the residents of Krivoy Rog vikulovskaya “patato”

Во что обходится жителям Кривого Рога вилкуловская "пятихтка"

In the last five years, the government of Krivoy Rog regularly, once a year give preferential and low-income residents of the city for 500 hryvnia, calling it compensation increases utility bills.

As it became known to the Informant from the post posted in Facebook by the Deputy of Kryvyi Rih city Council Lyudmila Burman, during this time, these “compensations” were spent nearly 400 million.

It is interesting to note that to spend the 500 hryvnia Kryvyi Rih had a right not anyhow where, and to pay for the service “Heating”, “heating plant” or “Krebbatokamara”.

This enterprise is a special story. As it became known to our colleagues from the site “Informant. Money,” according to the National Commission exercising the state regulation in the energy and utilities unscheduled inspections for 2019 and the first half of 2020 Kryvyi Rih overpaid for centralized water supply and sanitation 34 million 425 thousand UAH 68.

Simply put its 500 UAH handouts local authority fed his own company, which eventually was found not debt and overpayment for services rendered.

As for the same handed money, writes Burman: “Over the almost 400 million UAH. you can replace leaky mains drinking water supply in several areas of the city. Or upgrade part of the urban district heating system, through the deterioration which the air together with Gcal fly the money out of our wallets. Or to build several modern sports complexes, innovative amusement parks. Or time to repair the infection Department and construct a modern children’s medical center.”

Such is the price of “charity” team of the administration.