It is advisable to get rid of them: experts have called bad habits before going to sleep

Желательно от них избавиться: специалисты назвали вредные привычки перед сном

Experts told about the bad habits before going to sleep. It is reported portal Magicforum.

Sleep is a periodic functional state of the human body, which is characterized by the shutting down of consciousness and decrease in the ability of the nervous system to respond to external stimuli. During sleep increases the level of anabolic processes and reduced catabolism.

The sleep normally, sleep occurs cyclically, roughly every 24 hours. These cycles are called circadian rhythm. They are rewritten every day, the most important factor is the level of lighting. From a natural cycle of light depends on the concentration level of the special fotokabinkah proteins. The circadian cycle usually configured to the length of daylight

Experts have told that we should not fall asleep with the TV or smartphone, it adversely affects the quality of the process. According to doctors, another bad habit before going to sleep is overeating. Do not get carried away for the night high in calories and fatty foods is not only adds excess weight, but also negatively affects the quality of sleep. One of the unexpected side effects of overeating are nightmares.

Experts gave advice to improve the quality of sleep. Each evening engage in physical education. According to experts, after exercise, the activation of the body lasts about four hours. This is followed by a decline, during which the man slept particularly well.

Желательно от них избавиться: специалисты назвали вредные привычки перед сном