It is already known, when in Melitopol Cathedral Bulgarians will be

Уже известно, когда в Мелитополе Собор болгар пройдет

IX all-Ukrainian Council of Bulgarians for the first time in the last twenty years will take place outside of Odessa region – in Melitopol. The event promises to be a Grand – his conduct even by the most conservative estimates will spend more than one million hryvnias.

Large-scale festival of the Bulgarians, who were previously held in the Odessa region, will be held in Kyiv at the initiative of people’s Deputy of Ukraine Sergiy Minko and the Association of Bulgarians of Ukraine. Zaporizhzhya region selected venue is not accidental – it is home to the second largest Diaspora of Bulgarians of Ukraine (Azov, Berdyansk, Primorsk and Akimov areas). In early February, the people’s Deputy Sergey Minko, together with the Secretary of the city Council Roman Romanov was adopted in the Executive Committee of the people’s Deputy and President of the Association of Bulgarians of Ukraine Anton Kisse, together with the honorary Consul of Bulgaria in Ukraine Sergei zelev. The guests managed to convince that Melitopol should be the heart of the Cathedral Bulgarians в2020 year. Later organizational developments were discussed in the state administration.

To prepare for a Grand festival Melitopol begins today. It is known that the IX all-Ukrainian Council of Bulgarians will take place on September 12 and will be held for three days. Performances of creative collectives, national traditions, fair, ethnic cuisine and much more – all this awaits the participants and guests of the festival.

At the next session of the Melitopol city Council culture Department will ask the MPs to allocate an additional half a million hryvnias for the realization of cultural events. These 500 thousand hryvnias will be spent on preparation for the Council of the Bulgarians.

According to the Deputy chief of Department of culture love Kirilenko, estimate activity already amounted to 650 thousand hryvnias. It is assumed that the conduct of the Cathedral of the Bulgarians will be attracted funding from three sources – municipal and regional budgets, as well as the Association of Bulgarians of Ukraine. Funds to conduct a large-scale festival requires impressive – Melitopol expected arrival of more than a thousand guests, including the state level. The organization will attract a lot of sponsors, including with Bulgarian roots. In preparation for the Cathedral of the Bulgarians are also planning further improvement of the Park in Sliven, established in Kyiv in honor of the Bulgarian twin city.

The Department of culture note: the IX all-Ukrainian Council of Bulgarians will be the No. 1 event in the cultural life not only Melitopol, but to the whole Zaporizhia region. It will attract to our city for more public attention. In addition, promises the possibility of serious earnings for entrepreneurs engaged in hotel and restaurant business, Souvenirs, etc. in addition, the Cathedral is always very spectacular.